Lisa's Deal with the Don

Lisa's Deal with the Don

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She’s not sure how to get home. He has a proposal that’s far too tempting. 


Lisa's dream holiday has just been ruined, and by her drop-kick boyfriend, no less. When hot, rich Damon appears, he proposes a deal—pose as his girlfriend as he jets her all over the world. No strings attached. 


Except Damon is the son of a well known mafia family. He always has guards hovering. And he’s working on a secret project he refuses to talk about. Despite the danger, Lisa accepts, not sure if she’s more drawn to the prospect of travel or the sexy promise in Damon’s smile. 


She’s quickly introduced to a world she could only have imagined. Wealth. Luxury. An attentive partner who steals her breath away with just one look. It becomes harder and harder to keep it strictly business…


Although the world may be at her feet, Lisa soon discovers danger is knocking at her door. Someone wants Damon dead, and by extension, his new girlfriend. The veil is lifted and Lisa sees the truth of Damon’s world. 


And yet, maybe what she’s found with Damon could change everything.  


Love and danger, luxury and sensuality all collide in Lisa's Deal with the Don. Don’t miss out on your chance to fall for your very own billionaire.

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    Contemporary Romance

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    234 pages (5" x 8")


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