Kiera Captured

Kiera Captured

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He’s her captor. He’s a vampire.

And yet he’s not who he seems to be…


When Keira wakes up, bound in the cargo hold of a plane, she discovers three things. Vampires are real. She’s about to be auctioned as a blood slave. And there’s no hope for escape.


As Cedric, a brooding and solitary vampire, purchases her, Keira’s terrified the rumors are true. Every blood slave Cedric has ever had has disappeared without a trace. 


Kiera’s even more determined that her destiny isn’t one of a captive, to be used at a vampire lord’s whim. She seeks every opportunity to plan an escape from Eternal Night Island. Except Cedric doesn’t act like the other vampires. And Keira can’t deny she’s drawn to him. 


As other vampires thirst for her blood, leaving the island becomes a matter of life or death. Yet, as the chemistry between them flares with each touch, Kiera begins to wonder…


Will leaving mean losing the one thing she never expected to find—love.


Sexy vampires, surprising secrets, and ultimately, a romance to rival the ages await in Kiera Captured. Make it your story today!


Check out the first two chapters HERE!


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    Paranormal Romance

    Heat Level


    Sexy and spicy. Most contemporary romance falls into this category. Some graphic sex scenes on the page with language to match but focus is on the relationship.


    252 pages (5" x 8")


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