Felicity's Deal with the Devil

Felicity's Deal with the Devil

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Can she resist the original bad boy?


Lisa’s working hard to break a big story when her plans are derailed and she’s assigned to interview the Devil himself. Crashing to Earth, Lucifer has escaped his hellish prison and come to revel in the pleasures of the light. Somewhat of a feared celebrity, an interview with him could be the chance Lisa’s been looking for. 


Except Lucifer quickly turns the interview into a game of seduction. He proposes a deal - time spent with him in return for answers as to why he’s here. Accepting, Lisa’s quickly pulled into a world that blurs the lines between lust and love, between good and evil. One she’s not sure she wants to escape. 


Spicy passion, thrilling danger, and sexy angels who can have a woman burning before he’s even touched her are the hallmarks of Interview with the Devil. Don’t miss this sultry story of a love that will transcend both Heaven and Hell! 


Check out the first two chapters HERE!

**Adapted from Devilish by Tricia Barr


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    Paranormal Romance

    Heat Level

    Explicit sex and sex talk, one level shy of erotica. Multiple sex scenes, some mild BDSM.


    218 pages (5" x 8")


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