Anna's Temptation

Anna's Temptation

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She promised she wouldn’t fall for him...again. 


When Adam returns to his hometown following the death of his mother, he’s no longer the hot-headed youth he was. He’s a successful businessman, and he got there no matter the cost. The small-town pace and the girl from next door should hold no appeal for him.


Anna’s been caring for Adam’s parents as they grew old and frail. When Adam cooly strides back into her life, she learns the attraction to her old crush was only slumbering. Smoldering. The two soon discover long-buried feelings are refusing to remain dormant. Memories are surfacing. 


Love is waiting to blossom. 


Yet Adam’s determined to push Anna away, just like he did when they were teens. He has dark desires, too dark for the sweet girl of his youth. Except Anna’s no longer a timid teen. She’s a woman with needs of her own. 


Ultimately, they’re both going to have to decide what they’re willing to discover. And what’s possible if they allow themselves to risk it all. 


Lose yourself in a steamy story of second chances, a passion that’s impossible to deny, and ultimately, a bittersweet discovery of love after loss.


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    Contemporary Romance

    Heat Level

    Explicit sex and sex talk, one level shy of erotica. Multiple sex scenes, some mild BDSM.


    260 pages (5" x 8")


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